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Arugula- Esmee

A wonderful flavor that is more nutty than spicy sets Esmee apart from other arugulas. Deeply lobed leaves are upright, lofty and the darkest green of all our arugulas. Quick growing and very cold tolerant.

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Bok Choy- Prize Choy

Elegant vase-like shape, medium thick white stems and smooth, mild flavor. Prefers cool weather, but is slow to bolt in heat. This strain is known for uniformity, vigor, and bolt resistance.

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Chard, Swiss- Bright Lights

Nicely savoyed and glossy green or bronze leaves with stems of gold, pink, orange, purple, red, and white with bright, pastel, and multicolored variations. Consistent growth rate, leaf shape and texture, and strong bolt resistance across all colors makes this a superior mix.

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Kale- Curly Roja

Densely frilled leaf edges, stunning purple-sage color, deep purple stems and cold-hardiness are all elements of an exquisite kale bunch that holds well after harvest. Does especially well under fertile conditions.

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Kale- Darkibor (F1)

Dark green with excellent flavor, this hybrid kale produces best in spring and fall. Similar to Winterbor F1, these tall plants provide high yields of densely curled greens. Vigorous plants hold well into cold weather and are suited to overwintering production in Southern climates.

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Kale- Lacinato

Unique blue-green savoyed leaves on extremely vigorous plants. One of our most tender kale varieties; ideal for raw kale salads and soups. Leaves are very dark blue-green and heavily savoyed, sweetening with each frost. Also known as Dinosaur or Tuscan kale.

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Kale- Red Russian

Leaves are tender, smooth and very sweet compared to other kales. An incredibly cold tolerant variety that improves in flavor with cold weather.

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Lettuce, Butterhead- Salanova Green

Dense rosette heads with attractive, thin, supple leaves. Heads have a round base with open leaves. Delicate, buttery flavor. Very good bolt resistance. Hybrid.

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Lettuce, Butterhead- Skyphos Red

Beautiful, large, dark red heads with nicely contrasting green centers. Excellent flavor and texture.

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Lettuce, Green Leaf- Bergams

Dependable green leaf lettuce for full-size heads. Bergam's Green has dark green savoyed leaves with a wavy leaf margin. Uniform, dense heads are high yielding with good flavor. Widely adapted. Intermediate resistance to corky root.

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Lettuce, Romaine- Coastal Star

A longtime favorite romaine. The large, heavy heads are dark green. Heat tolerant. Good, sweet flavor.

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Spinach- Space

Vigorous, all season spinach with thick, glossy leaves that are smooth to slightly savoyed. A favorite variety of commercial growers, the plants are highly resistant to downy mildew and perform well in variable weather for all season production. Resistant to bolting with deep green leaves that maintain excellent flavor. A high yielder due to the long harvest window and exceptional field holding quality.

Browse the Torch Lake Co-op Spring Plant Catalog here! Orders open in our online store on Earth Day, April 22nd. This catalog lookbook is intended to inspire you and help you plan your garden spaces.

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How to Order

Order cycles open in our online store on Earth Day, April 22nd. First pickup is on opening day of the Bellaire Farmers Market, May 20th. Order early to insure you reserve the plants you want. Utilize multiple pickup days to avoid getting overwhelmed with too many plants for one weekend's work!

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Collect your plants from our booth on the NE corner at the Bellaire Farmers Market starting May 20th. Custom pickups and deliveries are available. Call, text, or email to arrange.