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Anise Hyssop

Very aromatic with a sweet, licorice-mint flavor. Vigorous plants produce abundant blooms, attracting bees and other pollinators. Leaves and flowers can be used fresh or dried to flavor drinks, salads, soups, pasta, and desserts. Heirloom.

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Basil- African Nunum

A gigantic and sumptuous basil that is popular in African and Asian cuisines. This amazing plant has a rich basil taste, with a little oregano flavor, and a small kick of delicious spiciness! It is wonderful in salads, soups, pastas, vinegars, jellies and killer pestos! This strain of flavorful plant comes from Ghana, an epicenter of basil genetics. Heirloom.

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Basil- Cardinal

A delicious, fragrant culinary basil that produces huge, rich purple flower heads! These are fantastic in flower arrangements. Try the spicy-sweet leaves in your favorite recipes. They are perfect for salads, soups and curries, and leaves go well in many Mexican and Asian foods. A magnificent and grand variety for your garden and kitchen. Heirloom.

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Basil- Genovese

Basil lovers unanimously recommend Genovese as the best variety for pesto! Plants are strong producers of dark green, glossy leaves with a characteristic spoon shape, exceptionally tender texture, and distinctive sweet flavor excellent in sauces. Heirloom.

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Basil- Purple

Beautiful, fragrant and tasty purple foliage makes this basil both gourmet and ornamental. Plants reach just shy of 1 foot tall, with a tidy, round form and plum purple color. Excellent in raised beds, window boxes and other creative containers as well as in beds and borders. Thrives in heat. Remove flower buds promptly to prolong harvest. Heirloom.

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Basil- Sweet Thai

Lovely potted herb, edible bedding plant and cut flower! Gorgeous narrow green leaves with vivid dark purple stems and blossoms; adored by bees. Leaves are 2" long and plants reach 12-18" tall.

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Vigorous, high-yielding plants. Cat-attracting perennial with gray-green leaves and white flowers. Flowers are very attractive to bees. Works well in containers or rock gardens. Heirloom.

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Chamomile- Zolty Lan

This Polish chamomile is bigger and higher yielding than the standard and is easy to grow. It has a wonderful aroma and is used to make teas. Heirloom.

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Quick growing heavy chive. Great for freezing and drying. Can tolerate partial shade. Heirloom.

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Cilantro- Cruiser

Bolt-resistant variety with uniform plants. Cruiser has a tidy, more upright plant habit and excellent bolt resistance. Large leaves and sturdy stems. Heirloom.

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Dill- Bouquet

The most widely-grown dill for fresh eating, flowers, and seed heads. Produces seed heads well ahead of others and right in time for summer pickles. Flowering umbels average 6" wide. Heirloom.

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Lavender- Ellagance

Deep purple flowers bloom the first year on large, dense spikes. Plants are bushy, uniform, and well-branched. Winter hardy. The flowers can be used to garnish desserts and as a distinct flavor element in baked goods. Flavor is sweet and floral, and pairs well with citrus, berries, nuts, mint, and cinnamon. Beloved by bees. Heirloom.

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Lemon Balm

Distinct lemon flavor. Fresh leaves for tea and salads. Easy to grow. Mulch if winter goes below 0°F. Heirloom.

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Requires heat, humidity, and moist, rich, sharply drained soil. Lemongrass grows in a clumping habit, with multiple stalks emerging from the same base. It can grow up to five feet tall with a spread up to four feet wide. The plant's upright arching shape and attractive green leaves will add interest and texture to your garden. Used as a flavoring. Heirloom.

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A zesty, versatile herb. Use to flavor salad mix, main dishes, ice cream, and drinks. Great in pots or rock gardens. Beloved by bees and other pollinators. Heirloom.

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Oregano- Greek Oregano

Excellent culinary oregano with pungent, mouth-watering fragrance and flavor. This is the traditional full-flavored oregano for pizzas and tomato sauces. Low-growing plants have slightly furry dark green leaves with white flowers. Easy to dry, just harvest stems and hang in bundles. Heirloom.

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Parsley, Curly

Market and culinary standard. A very dark green selection of the Moss Curled type. Use it for garnishes, salads, and cooking. It performs well in containers and the field, allowing for multiple cuttings per season from one planting. Upright leaves make harvesting easy. Tolerates light frost. Heirloom.

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Parsley, Flat Leaf- Giant of Italy

The preferred culinary variety. Huge, dark green leaves with great flavor. Strong, upright stems make it hold well in the field. Dependable variety with rapid regrowth that stands up well to frost. Heirloom.

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Pine-scented, savory, culinary favorite. Native to the Mediterranean region, rosemary has silvery needle-like foliage and delicate flowers. Loves humidity, fog, or mist. Heirloom.

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Sage, Common- Fanni

Wonderfully aromatic gray green leaves used in soups, meat dishes, gravies and stuffing. Sturdy, woody stems can be used as ornamental branches in floral wreaths. Beautiful lavender flowers in summer. Heirloom.

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Shiso, Perilla- Britton

Eye-catching green leaves with red undersides. Good salad mix item, or use larger leaves as sushi wraps or garnishes. Mild mint/basil aroma and flavor also has hints of clove and cumin. Good for ornamental use as well. The flowers are a flavorful addition to salads and Asian dishes. Pairs well with fish, rice, noodles, and cucumbers. Heirloom.

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Thyme- German Winter

The standard winter-hardy thyme with good flavor and yield. Classic culinary and ornamental herb. Small, round to needle-shaped evergreen leaves on woody stems. Mulch in cold winter climates. Heirloom.

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Thyme- Summer

Superb culinary thyme. Spicier, more pungent flavor than German Winter in a smaller plant with tender stems. Heirloom.

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Grow your own ginger this year! Ginger likes shade and a warm location. Not a common northern crop but it is fun to grow. Fragrant leaves and flowers. Harvest late fall.

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Horehound, White

A bitter perennial herb of the mint family. The leaves and flowering tops are used as flavoring for beverages and candies, and infusions or extracts of horehound in the form of syrups, teas, or lozenges are sometimes used in herbal remedies for coughs and minor lung ailments. The plant is drought-tolerant, can thrive in poor soils, and is known to help stop erosion with its tough root system. Grows to 18' tall with an 18" spread. Heirloom.

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Chives, Chinese

Thin, flat leaves with delicate garlic flavor. Attractive white flowers in early fall. Flowers make a great addition to bouquets. The budded flower stalks are sold as "gow choy" in Chinese grocery stores. Heirloom.

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