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Melon, Cantelope- Sarah's Choice

Sarah's Choice consistently comes out on top of our on-farm taste tests. Its flavor combined with its attractive oval fruits and ideal 3-lb. size, make it the best. Harvest at full-slip (when a gentle tug removes the fruit from the vine). Hybrid.

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Melon, Korean- Torpedo

A good choice for a first-time melon grower. High-yielding plants produce 1-2 lb, 5 x 3 1/2" cylindrical fruits that are lemon yellow with white sutures. Refreshingly crisp and moderately sweet white flesh. Performs very well in cool northern areas. Fruits slip off vine when ripe. Hybrid.

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Watermelon- Leelanau SweetGlo

Amazing deep, tangerine-orange fleshed fruit are sugar sweet! In 2008, Mike Kiessel, watermelon expert of Leelanau County, decided to cross the Orangeglo watermelon with a Crimson Sweet. After years of selecting and perfecting, the Leelanau Sweetglo has completely won our hearts and triumphed at annual tasting trials! A new favorite orange-fleshed variety that matures early and is excellent for northern growing. Heirloom.

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Watermelon- Tom

Smaller, early watermelon with dense, flavorful flesh and long shelf life. Beautiful light green melons with dark green striping and slightly oblong shape. Flesh is a deep pink with excellent sweet flavor and dense, fine-grained texture. High yielding, 4-10 lb fruits. Hybrid.

Browse the Torch Lake Co-op Spring Plant Catalog here! Orders open in our online store on Earth Day, April 22nd. This catalog lookbook is intended to inspire you and help you plan your garden spaces.

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How to Order

Order cycles open in our online store on Earth Day, April 22nd. First pickup is on opening day of the Bellaire Farmers Market, May 20th. Order early to insure you reserve the plants you want. Utilize multiple pickup days to avoid getting overwhelmed with too many plants for one weekend's work!