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Pepper, Hot- Anaheim

Legendary extra large and mild chili pepper of Anaheim, California. This mammoth roasting pepper originated from a line of chili peppers developed by Dr. Fabian Garcia in the 1910s in New Mexico. Ranges between 500-2,500 Scovilles units and is delectable for frying and roasting. Productive plants are covered in large peppers, can be eaten green or allowed to ripen to red. Heirloom.

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Pepper, Hot- Hungarian Wax

Widely adapted and productive, even in cool weather. Yellow hot pepper with 5 1/2" x 1 1/2" smooth, waxy fruits tapering to a point. Easy to stuff and to peel after roasting; thick-fleshed for frying. Its sunset-ripening peppers change from yellow to orange to red, and make the prettiest pickled peppers. Heirloom.

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Pepper, Hot- Jalapeno, Early

Prolific yields of flavorful blunt fruits with distinctive jalapeno flavor. Small, moderately spicy fruits with thick walls are traditionally harvested dark green but can be allowed to ripen to red. A classic eaten fresh or pickled with Mexican dishes! Compact plants are sturdy and work well in containers. Heirloom.

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Pepper, Hot, Ornamental- Hot Pops

Small, round purple and orange peppers make a simultaneous high impact display for outdoor and indoor decorating. Also works well in mixed containers. Peppers are spicy. Plant is small, reaching only 5". Heirloom.

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Pepper, Hot, Ornamental- Jigsaw

Jigsaw pepper is a stunning feast for the eyes! Leaves are multicolored in tie dye patterns of lavender, cream, violet, sea-foam and forest green, making it one of the most ornamental peppers. Short, stocky plants produce small, plum-colored fruit, about as spicy as a jalapeño. Try this dazzling edible ornamental in containers or borders, anywhere its ornate foliage can be admired. Heirloom.

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Pepper, Sweet, Banana- Lola

The large plants reach waist-high and arebloaded up with huge, 7 ½–8 inch banana-type fruit. The thick-walled, light yellow peppers develop very early and are mild tasting. They slowly ripen to orange and then finally to bright red. Great disease resistance means a very high rate of success in the garden. Heirloom.

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Pepper, Sweet, Bell- Ace

Extra-early, highly productive standard. Huge yields of medium-size, 3-4 lobed fruits. Has apparent tolerance to blossom drop as nearly every flower produces a pepper. Widely adapted but performs particularly well in cool climates where bell peppers are difficult to grow successfully. Hybrid.

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Pepper, Sweet, Corno Di Toro- Carmen

Early maturing fruit on medium-sized 20" plants can be harvested at green or allowed to ripen to a deep red. Unbelievably sweet and crisp flavor won the hearts of the All-America Selections committee in 2006, and growers have been dedicated to it ever since. Hybrid.

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Pepper, Sweet, Corno Di Toro- Escamillo

A golden bullhorn with crisp, juicy walls and excellent flavor. Prolific yields from vigorous, 22" plants that are slightly larger than Carmen. Good for eating raw, frying or sautéing. Hybrid.

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Pepper, Sweet, Mini- Cupid

Early, sweet, mini bell. Fruits are blocky to slightly pointed, snacking size, 2" X 1 3/4", and are particularly sweet when red. Large, well-branched plants protect the fruits from sunscald. Hybrid.

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Pepper, Sweet, Mini- Picnic Orange

Deep orange color with a rich sweet pepper flavor. The orange snacking size Picnic Pepper is sweet tasting and has a lovely warm color. Selected for thick walls, flavor, strong yields and an upright plant habit. Heirloom.

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Pepper, Sweet, Mini- Picnic Red

Snacking size red peppers have unbelievable sweetness and a rich complex flavor. Bred with an emphasis on flavor, yields and plants that stand up straight for easy harvest. Heirloom.

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Pepper, Hot- Poblano, Baron

Baron has proven to be widely adapted and has performed particularly well under challenging conditions. The fruits are very large, avg. 5" x 3", and are typically two-lobed which makes them easy to stuff and cook in their signature dish, chile rellenos. They also may be dried and ground into medium-hot powder or flakes. Intermediate resistance to bacterial leaf spot. Hybrid.

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Pepper, Hot- Fresno, Flaming Flare

Widely adapted Fresno pepper. Conical-shaped fruits are thin walled, avg. 4" long, and ripen to a bright red. Their flavor is sweet, mildly hot, and very good. Excellent for fresh use, stir fries, sautéing, and hot sauce. High resistance to tobacco mosaic virus. AAS winner. Hybrid.

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Pepper, Hot- Jerk Pepper, Tobago

A traditional ingredient in jerk seasoning in the Caribbean. These gorgeous scarlet peppers reach 2-3 inches long and pack just the right amount of spice for medium to spicy preparations. It delivers the fruity overtones of a habanero, but with just 500 Scoville Heat Units, it is much milder than a traditional habanero. Heirloom.

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Pepper, Sweet, Mini- Yellow

Colorful, irresistible peppers offers a snappy crunch and scrumptious flavor in a snacking size. Juicy, sweet fruit reach 1 ½ inches wide and 3 ½ inches tall, ripening to vivid yellow with few to no seeds. Uniform plants produce heavy yields for lots of healthy munching. Heirloom.

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Pepper, Sweet, Ornamental- Chilly Chili

An All America Selection winner, this variety produces 2 to 2-1/2" blunt nosed fruit on a vigorous plant habit. The highly ornamental fruit mature from greenish yellow to orange to dark red, and keep on the plant for a long time. Plants 10" high with a 14" spread. Hybrid.

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