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Bean, Bush- Provider

Compact plants are easy to grow and adaptable to diverse soil and climate conditions. Produces 5-5 1/2" fleshy round green beans. High resistance to bean mosaic virus and powdery mildew. Heirloom.

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Bean, Bush- Tricolor

A delightful mix of green, yellow and purple bush beans. This mix of Provider, Royal Burgundy, and Gold Rush Yellow Wax is a perfect mix. Heirlooms.

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Broccoli- Belstar

A versatile broccoli with excellent heat and cold tolerance and uniform, rounded heads. Great choice for spring, summer and fall plantings with excellent vigor. Plants are compact and produce small to medium-sized heads within a 10-14 day harvest window. Domes span 6-8" and average 1.5 lbs. Hybrid.

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Brussels Sprouts- Dagan

Early, reliable variety for main-season harvest both on and off the stalk. Has tall straight stalks that resist lodging and work well for on-the-stalk harvests. Doesn't require topping. Nicely wrapped tight sprouts with a bright medium green color and a small attachment site. Hybrid.

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Cabbage- Golden Acre

A refined cabbage with round green heads encasing beautiful, tender white hearts. Plants mature early and are compact, perfect for dense plantings with tighter spacing while still producing good yields. Heads are round, solid, and have a delicate, crunchy flavor that is suitable for most kitchen preparations. When cooked, the spicy cabbage flavor becomes mild and buttery. Heirloom.

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Cabbage- Omero

Midseason red with good flavor. The 3 lb. heads are a vibrant red and are round to slightly oval. Good, slightly sweet and peppery flavor. Hybrid.

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Cauliflower- Skywalker

Long season variety. Sturdy plants produce picture perfect, dense, milky white heads. Partially self-blanching heads easily separate into tender, uniform florets. A reliable variety, widely adapted. Heirloom.

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Celery- Merengo

Early variety. Robust plants grow quickly and have good flavor and texture. Tall, dark green stalks with healthy tops. Heirloom.

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Celery- Tango

Tango has great flavor with tender, less fibrous stalks. Tango performs well under less-than-ideal growing conditions such as heat or moisture stress. Hybrid.

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Leeks- Lancelot

This impressive leek is dependable, producing long white shafts with dark green flags. Suitable for summer and early fall harvests in cooler climates. Shafts are large and uniform, making them easy to clean and versatile in the kitchen. Heirloom.

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Peas- Super Sugar Snap

A disease-resistant version of the beloved Sugar Snap with more manageable 60" vines. Early yields are heavier over a shorter period. Pods are 3" long with 1 or 2 per node. Remove string from pods before cooking. Needs trellising. Heirloom.

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