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Cup and Saucer Vine

Vigorous climbing vines are festooned in late summer with large, pretty 2" bells that gradually transition from creamy pale-green to striking blue-purple. A favorite of Victorian-era gardeners, the blossoms looking a bit like teacups poised on saucer-like green calyxes. Deep-throated blooms are enticing to hummingbirds. Heirloom.

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Hyacinth Bean- Ruby Moon

t’s a favorite amongst gardeners for its highly attractive greenish-purple leaves and purple stems, flowers and pods. Easily grown on trellises, obelisks, or pergolas as an annual vine, it flower and produce pods all summer long. Cut flower growers have grown Ruby Moon for its attractive purple pods that are used as a fancy accent in flower arrangements!

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Nasturtium- Kaleidescope

Add excitement to any garden bed or container. All the traditional bright colors (red, rose, yellow, orange, and cream) of a nasturtium mix with the added plus of marvelous swirled bicolors. Plants have a climbing and trailing habit. Use the flowers as garnishes, or stuff with soft cheese. The flowers can be minced and added to butters and the immature seed heads can be pickled. Nasturtiums are a popular choice for adding color to salad mix. Peppery-flavored foliage is also edible. Heirloom.

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Morning Glory- Crimson Rambler

Cherry red flowers with a star and white centers open every morning on this sturdy, reliable twining vine. One of the best vintage morning glories, this was introduced in 1939. A beautiful old variety that is quick to bloom, grows to 8'. Tolerates humid heat. Heirloom.

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Morning Glory- Flying Saucers

Huge 6” blooms are pure white with bright blue stripes that was introduced in 1960. Full sun to part shade. Heirloom.

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Morning Glory- Kikyozaki

Kikyozaki Morning Glories are popular in Japan. Blooms are star-shaped and many will be semi-double. Fantastic looking and much sought after, this is a true botanical treasure that we are proud to offer. Heirloom.

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Sweet Pea- High Scent

Just one cluster of cut stems delicately permeates a room with a pure, clean scent. Large, heavenly blossoms are silky white with a lavender picotee edge. Vines ramble to 6 ft, an ideal choice for flowing over patio urns or climbing up a garden trellis. Attracts hummingbirds. Heirloom.

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Sweet Pea- Royal Mix

Exceptional fragrance. Large, 2" blossoms in bright, clear colors of red, purple, mauve, pink, blue, and white. Blooms over a long period with exceptional fragrance. Attracts hummingbirds. Heirloom.

Vining Plants

In addition to vining flowers, cucumbers, melons, squash, and snap peas all benefit from climbing up structures such as fencing, poles, or trellises. Ornamentals are brought quickly to our eye level, and fruit can hang down rather than lay on the ground which keeps damage to a minimum. Consider growing a trellis structure with sunflowers, corn, or tall amaranths too!

Browse the Torch Lake Co-op Spring Plant Catalog here! Orders open in our online store on Earth Day, April 22nd. This catalog lookbook is intended to inspire you and help you plan your garden spaces.

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How to Order

Order cycles open in our online store on Earth Day, April 22nd. First pickup is on opening day of the Bellaire Farmers Market, May 20th. Order early to insure you reserve the plants you want. Utilize multiple pickup days to avoid getting overwhelmed with too many plants for one weekend's work!

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Collect your plants from our booth on the NE corner at the Bellaire Farmers Market starting May 20th. Custom pickups and deliveries are available. Call, text, or email to arrange.