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Store hours
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for Friday pickup

Why aren't the co-op's online stores open all the time? Food grows in cycles, farmers harvest in cycles, and we order food in cycles. If you find an order cycle closed, check back soon. Or join our email notifications and we will remind you when stores open!

Tell me about Friday pickup? The co-op and many of its producers attend the Bellaire Farmers Market from 8-1 on Fridays from the end of May through the end of October. It is a nice long pickup window of time and has a convenient and contactless drive through service. The online store is open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for Friday pickup. Two different pickup point are offered at the end of the ordering process.

Friday Pickup times and Locations
Bellaire Farmer's Market Drive-through
Friday 8am-1pm
Williamsburg GT Butterfly House, 8840 E M-72
pickup Friday 4:30-6pm

Do you offer memberships? Not yet, but we are working on it! Memberships will provide consumers with voting rights and a way to invest in the future of the co-op.

Tell me about Wednesday CSA Member Pickup? While the co-op expands into the Williamsburg area and the Bellaire Farmers Market is held on Fridays, we have decided to limit the potential confusion of new customers by only referring to the Friday Torch Lake Co-op Store in the 'About Us' page and the 'Home' page. The Wednesday pickup is what got us started last winter, and it is populated by Daybreak Dreamfarm and Providence Farm CSA members, who also form our core consumers. We cherish those who helped launch the co-op, the producers and the customers, and we participate during Wednesday CSA pickups. Anyone can utilize the Wednesday Torch Lake Co-op online store and pickup their order on Wednesday in Bellaire. That store currently opens Saturday at noon and closes Monday at midnight for Wednesday pickup 1:30-2pm.Wednesday CSA Members

I want to read more about your producers, where can I do that? We are still working on that page of our website, if you have any questions please email us or visit us at the market.

Where are you located? We do not have a physical location right now other than the ASI pavilion in Bellaire.

Do you offer delivery? Not yet, but we are working on it!

Can I pay in some fashion other than credit card? Right now contactless payments are our preferred method, but please call or text us at 231.676.3186 and we can potentially make arrangements.

Where do I pickup my order? We have two pickup points currently. One in Bellaire at 102 S Maple St and one in Williamsburg at 8840 E M-72.

What if I placed an order in the Friday Store but meant to order in the Wednesday Store, or vice versa? Please contact us at 231.676.3186, we are here to help!

Where do I choose my pick up location? At checkout

What if I choose the wrong pickup location? Contact us, we are here to help! 231.676.3186

What if I can't make the pickup? Contact us, we are here to help! 231.676.3186

How can I get my groceries if I miss the pickup? Contact us, we are here to help! 231.676.3186

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